Kelsey offers voice and piano lessons in a variety of formats depending on the needs of the particular student. More detailed information is available below. Contact Kelsey if you have further questions!

It brings me great joy to help students discover their potential and grow as singers! I welcome students of all ability levels, from students aiming to pursue music as a career to those who simply want to develop more confidence or improve upon existing skills. I also work with students preparing for college auditions. In your voice lesson, you will practice vocalizes to exercise your voice and improve technique. I use a variety of methods to reinforce developing skills. Repertoire in a variety of styles, ranging from musical theater to the classical genres, is assigned and practiced. In studio Pow Wows, students have the opportunity to perform for one another in a safe, positive environment.

30- and 45- minute lessons are available to all students. Hour lessons for advanced students are available following prior study with Kelsey.

Traditional voice lessons are available beginning around age 11. For younger students seeking vocal training, scroll down to "Voice and Piano for the Young Singer"


Studying the piano is the BEST way to a solid musical foundation, and I very much enjoy teaching music skills through the piano. Students study technique, music theory, and learn to play music in a variety of styles in weekly 30-minute lessons.  In quarterly studio Pow Wows, students come together to work on developing skills and learn in a group setting. 

Kelsey is currently accepting beginning students only, and teaches through late intermediate study. By the time students "graduate" from my studio, they are well-versed in music theory, technique, major and minor scales, and have a solid repertoire under their belts. They leave equipped with skills for a lifetime - or ready to advance their studies to the next level of excellence!


I designed this program in 2015 to suit the unique needs of child singers (ages 7-10). The young developing voice is very fragile and requires special attention. In this 40-minute lesson, students will spend 20 minutes each on piano and voice. The vocal portion of the lesson is structured differently than my traditional voice lessons in order to meet the unique needs of the young singer. Students learn age-appropriate singing fundamentals in a fun and playful atmosphere. Music fundamentals are emphasized through both singing and piano to prepare students for a lifetime of healthy singing and playing.